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My experience with Eli was unique and amazing. I have had massages in Thailand and other countries, and sessions with Eli surpassed my expectations. The atmosphere is calming and extremely comfortable. After the awful confining year we all lived through, discussions with Eli put me in a much better place. Eli is understanding and gently gets to the root of what I expect to achieve. Thank you Eli for helping me overcome anxieties and get back that happy feeling!

Elaine T.

"Eli provided a Shiatsu and Reiki session that was everything I always needed - only I didn’t know that I needed it until I experienced it. Eli's combination of professionalism and warmth immediately put me at ease as I entered into a new mode of bodywork. Eli generously listened to me as I described my physical ailments and then carefully tuned the practice to meet my body and self. I woke up the morning after our session feeling freer in my neck and shoulder than I had in years. I look forward to our next session!"

Gillian H.

"I have had multiple massages from Eli Bell in the past. Eli is a wonderful person that genuinely cares both of your mental state of mind and physique. Eli has a yogistic approach during the session that really makes you fully relax into his touch. After every session I always felt refreshed.
Highly recommended!"

Jack L. M.D.

Zen Stones

Alyce B.

I'm going into my 3rd year of shiatsu massages from Eli, which helped me get rid of sciatica and helps me stay limber and deal with stress. After my first massage my hips felt normal again, and I walked normally again for the first time in months.

Massage Stone

Barb C.

Eli was very present and sincere; his questions and capacity for listening were spot on. The shiatsu massage was well explained and he made appropriate connections to my well being. His sequencing and execution were guided by good intuition and instincts.

Olive Oil Soap

Paul B.

I've had massages all over the world and nothing else comes close to the bliss and contentment Eli can create in an hour. He has repeatedly returned my injured shoulder to functionality. He puts me in a state of utter tranquility and contentment which lasts for hours.

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